Thursday, October 22, 2009

These Are My Confessions....

(Cue the Usher music.)

Today, I did a lot of productive things. I filed, organized, typed away... However, I also cruised LandofNod, PotteryBarnKids and Target, thinking about what I would choose if I had a biscuit in the oven. My sister-in-law will have a wee croissant, my sister will probably bake a tartlet.... I, however, think that the term 'biscuit' more appropriately describes what my husband and I would make. It's a sturdier term, implying stocky limbs, flannel and firearms. Yes, our child would most definitely be a biscuit.

Since it would be absolutely scandalous and more than a tad crazy to start a registry before conception, I am just going to post a few of my future must-haves here:

The All Creatures Great and Small Crib Quilt, from Land of Nod:

Holy cuteness, batman. Look at the little faces! I love this bedding for several reasons: one, it is gender-nuetral. Since I don't want to find out what gender the biscuit is until it is born, (which may be three years from now,) gender-neutrality is key. Also, I want to reuse the bedding for other kids we may have. Second, the title of the bedding is one of my favorite hymns, which is randomly cool. Thirdly, check it out! There are TWO, count them TWO dogs on this bedding. Now, some people may point out that there appear to be two cats on this bedding as well. But no. No, those people are wrong. You can plainly see that only ONE is a housecat. The other one is clearly a cougar or a lioness or an albino panther of some kind. Dont rain on my parade.

Flat-panel baby monitor, from Land of Nod:

This next item feeds my paranoid, over-protective side. But isn't it just bitchin'? I mean, not only can you see if your kid is sleeping versus choking, but you can use it later on to spy on them. I can see it now:

"But Mom, how did you know I was writing on the wall with my pee?"

"Mommy knows. Mommy always knows."

(I hope it goes without saying that in the above scenario, the biscuit is a boy.)

Plush hippo and giraffe from PotteryBarnKids:

Don't say they aren't cute, because then we will all know what a big, terrible liar you really are.

Enough with the madness. I have shiznat to do.

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