Thursday, August 15, 2013

Changing Doctors, and a Fertility Update

Last November, I went to the Doctor for the first time for infertility. I didn't like the Doctor. I didn't like the nurses or receptionists. And the tests that the Doctor suggested were the standard ones, but he did not present them to me in a way that made me feel comfortable. In fact, I was very uncomfortable with the entire experience. I just got a non-good vibe from the whole experience. Not to be sexist, but I really wanted a female OB-GYN.

So I found one, and she has been wonderful to work with, so far. She ordered a bunch of tests, and I am in the middle of going through them. In transferring to a new Dr, I actually transferred to a completely new health company system. And I have been so impressed with them so far.

I am writing this out, so I can remember this shizzle. I had an ultrasound, since my new Dr wanted to see if the cysts on my ovaries had increased in size. Let me tell you what, this ultrasound made my first ultrasound look like a joke. The first one took like fifteen minutes, and they found what my first Dr termed "non-specific" cysts. This time? They found a whole lot more.

First of all, my uterus is retro-flexed. A lot, by what the ultrasound tech told me. And there are at least two cysts on each ovary, (HOORAY!!), and my left ovary has been infiltrated by one of the cysts. Also, there are some growths between the muscular and lining portion of my uterus, and a wee little cyst on my cervix.

Basically, it sounds fucked. ('Scuse my language, but if I haven't mentioned already, I believe that infertility deserves all the four-letter words I can through it's way.)

I also had a blood test on day nineteen of my cycle, to test Thyroid function, prolactin levels, and something else, that would indicate if I had ovulated.

The Doctor called me to tell me the results of my ultrasound and the results of my ultrasound. Bad news- both tests were abnormal. My prolactin level was elevated, which could indicate a growth on my pituitary gland. So, I have to get an MRI on my brain. Yay.

The cysts in my uterus aren't normal, either, so I have to have an MRI on my nethers, to make sure that they aren't cancerous. Yay.

My Doctor told me that it looks like endometriosis, and I think that is probably what it is. But they need to rule out cancer.

So, basically, I am hoping that it isn't cancer, and that they can get a definite answer on what it really is. I really, really, really hope it isn't cancer. I do not want brain cancer. Or gonad cancer, for that matter. My MRIs are next Wednesday, and I really am praying that it isn't the worst.

Not being able to have kids is one thing, but I do not want to leave my husband alone.