Monday, October 19, 2009

Like You Care....

One of my goals for this next year is to lose weight in a healthy manner. (Me and everyone else, I know.) I have done the South Beach Diet in the past, and it worked really well for me. I not only lost weight, but I felt so GOOD. Almost annoyingly good. Like cheerful and perky and shit. I will be on phase one of the South Beach Diet for the first couple weeks. Here I go:

My menu for the week:

Tuesday: Sausage Lentil Soup, adapted from this recipe on AllRecipes
Wednesday: Tuscan Baked Eggs, from Kalyn's Kitchen
Thursday: Slow Cooker Tri-tip, my own recipe
Friday: Out to Dinner, (Chipotle chicken burrito bowl, no rice.)
Saturday Dinner: Tri-tip salad
Sunday Lunch: Taco salad
Sunday Dinner: Split pea soup, my own recipe

Every meal except the salads will be served with large amounts of steamed veggies, cause that's how I roll.

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