Thursday, April 29, 2010

On a Happier Note...

I'm down a size in pants.

My new jeans are tighter than I would like, but my old pants were so big I kept having to pull them up when I walked around the office. NOT attractive.

When Hope Doesn't Float

Sometimes, hope can really suck. Like, when you don't know whether to hope you are or aren't pregnant. Like when you are so ready and so, so not ready for that. All at the same time. How is that even possible, by the way? Hope also sucks when it is a selfish hope. When you know that you shouldn't be hoping at all. This is, after all, so very much not just about me and my wants. And most of all, hope sucks when you feel like an idiot for hoping at all.

I have taken two pregnancy tests. One was inconclusive, the other was negative. But I feel so odd. I wouldn't have even given it a second thought, but there is weirdness occurring. And I am usually like clockwork. I have been having these twinges. Weird, odd, bizarre twinges. My 'time' is almost here, so I keep going to the bathroom, hoping... for something. Hoping to need a tampon, or to not need a tampon. Seriously, it is like both of those desires are locked in some arm-wrestling match, where neither side will win. I feel like whatever happens, I will be disappointed.

Reading back over that, I realize that maybe it is better to feel disappointed because you need a tampon than to feel disappointed if you don't.

Friday, April 16, 2010

This Weekend: San Francisco

When tax time rolls around, it is always good to remind myself why in the hell I live in California, the land of the $18 hamburger and 10% sales tax. So, Hot Husband and I are off to San Francisco. (Do you see the reasoning? Yes, we have to pay RA-HEE-LEE high income taxes, but we also have access to that fab city.)

Staying at a five-star hotel, too. (Yes, I just gloated a tad.) BUT, we got a really good deal. Apparently, about a month ago, the people who run Travelocity got together and smoked a bowl and then set the prices for hotels in SF this weekend. So, five-star hotel, with money left over for a nice dinner and a fun show. If you are at the late showing of Beach Blanket Babylon, I will be the one giggling a bit too loudly. Because I get sloshed after a drink and a half, and there is a two-drink minimum.


Monday, April 12, 2010

Etsy Crush...

I am loving these prints and originals from Etsy artist Nina Moscrip. The colors are incredible, and the drawing style is so intriguing to me. Her prices are great, too. The top one is coming to live with me, because that is the color scheme of my redecorating project. Check them out here.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring Cleaning with Simple Mom

Spring is finally here. This past week has been blue skies and sunshine in my neck of the woods, and I am loving it. Next week is Spring Cleaning Week over at SimpleMom. I plan to clean along with her from April 12-April 16, and I will let you know how it goes! I am looking forward to a cleaner, more healthful home at the end of that time. Right now, I feel like my house looks like this:
But at the end, I hope it will feel like this:

If it does, I certainly will deserve one of these:
Care to join me?

Highlights of My Week:

- A walk with Hot Husband through a beautiful state park near our home.
- Stuffing a shredder bin FULL of files from pre-1992 at work.
- Looking forward to getting cloth samples for my living room re-do project.
- My dog laying her sweet little head on my lap.
- 55-calorie beer that doesn't suck.
- Looking forward to thrift shopping with my crazy-talented sister this weekend.
- Sunny skies with perfect temperatures.

A Trend I Cannot Get Behind...

I think that both of these tables are lovely. But the one thing they have in common is the one thing I cannot have in my house. Do you see how they are alike? They are both "lipped" tables. I love the look of this style, but my house gets too dirty. I have been known to vacuum my coffee table. No joke. When I clean, I start by sweeping all the large particles onto the ground to vacuum, then I go back for a finer dusting. These tables would totally mess up my system! They look really hard to clean. Wouldn't dust and dirt get trapped in the "tray" of the table? Perhaps these people live in cleaner houses? Or they are better housekeepers? Am I the only one whose house gets too dirty to own one of these?

Images: 1.) Phoebe Howard, via Brabourne Farm. 2) Pottery Barn Moroccan Tray Table.