Wednesday, October 28, 2009

THE Stroller...

Meet Bob. Bob is light. Bob is simple. Bob is functional. Bob is the bomb. Bob is a tad expensive, but I want him anyways. Why am I talking about a stroller? Well, in her post, "How to Infect Your Husband," Jill from says that the best way to get your husband excited about child-bearing is to show him the neat-o gadgets that he will get to play with when the kid arrives. Kinda like how women get excited when they look at all the little shoes and hats and shit they hope to stuff their offspring into.

Without further ado, heeeeeere's Bobby:

Not only is this stroller spiffy-looking, but it is an all-in-one model. (Read: You only need the ONE stroller, people!) It has an adaptor bar that allows you to use this stroller with or without a baby seat. It has a swiveling front wheel that can also be locked in place for walking, jogging or hiking. The hefty rubber wheels allow you to navigate a woodsy trail, a sandy beach or in our case, the driveway. Yet, the wheels are small enough to not be cumbersome in the grocery store.
It has an optional cupholder, rain-guard, (no, A, you may NOT take the biscuit deer hunting,) and fleece insert.

In a word: bitchin'.

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