Monday, October 26, 2009

Aack! Christmas is Coming!

I just realized that I finish school about a week and a half before Christmas. There is no way I can do my Christmas shopping in a week and a half. Also, has anyone else realized how out of control expensive this holiday has been getting lately? I used to love Christmas shopping, back when I had only my immediate family to shop for. Four people, plus some friends.... that was fun. Then, I got married, and added TWELVE adults, ELEVEN children, and THREE family gifts to the list. WHAM! In this total group, there are also SIX birthdays from October to December. (Oh, and did I mention that my husband doesnt like to shop?)

Is there any polite way to tell people, "We aren't buying you a gift this year, because we only see you on this one holiday, and we have no clue what to get you and it is too expensive even if we did?" Seriously.... how is this fun for anyone?

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