Thursday, July 19, 2012

Clearblue Fertility Monitor, 1st Month

Some people may consider it jumping the gun, but after last month was not successful, I decided to buy the Clearblue Fertility Monitor. It is a small, handheld device that tracks your cycles, and helps identify the days of the month when you are the most fertile. 

I bought the CBFM because I am afraid that I am not ovulating. But the first month, I got four high readings, starting at day 7, and a peak on day 11 and 12, followed by another high on day 13, and back to low on 14. 

This is a textbook, flawless that many people do not get the first month using the CBFM. The first month, most women get a string of highs, with no peak. This is because the monitor is learning about their body, and may not recognize their ovulation peak.

I was very excited to see that peak reading on day 11! But it does seem too good to be true that this will be the month, on the second month. 

I have been careful to take a prenatal vitamin almost every day so far this month. And I have been feeling some niggling pains. But other than that, I have been feeling irritated, because I have my hopes up, and am pretty sure they will be dashed again. 

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