Monday, February 14, 2011

Week One Recap and Nutrisystem Food Review

It hasn’t been quite a complete week, since I started Nutrisystem last Wednesday, Feb 9th. However, I want to do McFatty Mondays, so I weighed in this morning. And? So far, I have lost 5.5 pounds! Holy crap, I am excited. I stepped on the scale, waited for the numbers to blink, and then smiled. Then I got concerned that it was a fluke, and weighed myself again. Same number.


The first week went well, except for copious amounts of white wine and champagne on Friday night. Saturday was spent completely “off-plan”, except that I tried to eat really well. I had a skinny latte for breakfast, a very healthy salad for lunch, and then for dinner, I had waaay too much pizza and some chips.

But on Sunday? Right back on plan. Easy, peasy. I can already see that I am going to like that about NS. If I overindulge one night, the next morning I can pick up and get right back on.

I have been keeping a spreadsheet of what I do and do not like on NS. So far, there has not been anything that I think is gross.

My rating scale is 1-Never again!; 2- Kinda gross; 3- I would eat it again; 4- I like it, and 5- Gourmet.

(With my rating scale, ‘4’ is very good. I would be very surprised if anything got a ‘5’. A ‘5’ would be like the best thing I’ve ever tasted. A ‘4’ means something is quite good.)

The breakfast foods that I ate this week:

Cinnamon Bun Bar-4
Blueberry muffin-4
Banana Nut muffin-4

The lunch foods:

Three Cheese Pasta w/ Chicken-4
Cheesy Homestyle Potatoes-4
Fettucini Alfredo-4
Chicken Quesadilla-4

The dinners:

Ravioli Formaggio-4
Thick crust pizza-3
Rotini with meatballs-4
Lasagna with meat sauce-4

The desserts:

Chocolate Fudge bar-4
Carrot Cake-3
Thin mint crisp bar-4
Chocolate chip cookie-4

I think that the most surprising things for me are that I am actually enjoying the food. I mean, if this is what dieting is… um, yay. I don’t know if my standards are really low for food or what, but I expected NS food to be gross. So far, I have not run into anything that I think is disgusting in the least. I have really high standards for carrot cake, so that was a little disappointing, but the chocolate fudge bar? YUM.

I cannot wait to see what this next week brings!

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