Monday, March 7, 2011

Week 4 Done, and 12.5 Pounds Gone

I think the title of this blog post says it all. 12.5 pounds gone in 4 weeks!

I weighed in this morning, and saw this new number, and it doesn't really compute in my head. I have not been at this weight for 3 years.

I don't know about you guys, but do you have weights that your body just seems to get 'stuck' at? I do. It seems like I can lose weight just fine, and then when I get to a certain number, my body revolts. Or maybe it is just a mental thing? I don't know. But so far with Nutrisystem? I have been blowing those numbers out of the water. Boom. Gone. Past it.

I think that the reason this is so encouraging and mind-boggling is that I have not been perfect. I have been pretty good. But there have been a couple meals each week that are not Nutrisystem-approved. Like pizza with ranch. Cheese. Stew with french bread.

On other diets, these normal 'blips' would send me careening off-course. But it is SO DANG EASY to get back on track with Nutrisystem. After all, life involves going out to eat and special occasions. And I am not willing to forgo every celebration. This has to be a lifestyle change that is manageable over the long-term.

And so far, I am loving this. I am going to get my second delivery in about a week, and I am still so excited about this new way of eating.

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