Wednesday, September 29, 2010

South Beach Diet and Me

After losing 20 pounds by just watching what I eat, I am ready to start a more concentrated dieting approach. I am currently following the South Beach Diet way of eating, which I love. The SBD, as my friend and I call it, is a healthful way of eating, both because of the food, and on an emotional level. This diet does not require counting calories or points, so personally, I think about food less when I am following this way of eating.
The problem is, my recipe ideas run pretty dry after I have exhausted my SBD stand-bys: lean meatloaf, grilled meat with veggies, broth-y soups, and salads. There are numerous blogs out there that have wonderful recipe ideas for SBD, with the most helpful probably being Kalyn's Kitchen. Her website is very well-organized. My one complaint? (Which really isn't much of a complaint at all, just a difference in taste.) I tend to like more homey, comfort foods.

Kalyn's recipes are delicious, and I have used many of them. But I'm a coward, and like to stick to what I know... like casseroles, creamy soups, thick stews, and braised meats. Kalyn tends to enjoy cooking in more of what I would call a Mediterranean style. I prefer things more French. (Give me sauces, or give me death!)

Which brings me to my point... I am going to post recipes that I have tried, and how I liked them. I am going to attempt to bring a more French or American-comfort food bent to the South Beach Diet. I am going to be completely honest about how the recipes turn out, too. I will also do my utmost to make sure that the recipes I use comply with SBD, but if they don't, please feel free to comment! I would like to be corrected if I get it wrong.

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