Thursday, September 9, 2010

Knock That Shit Off

There is a blog that I read on a daily basis. I used to love it, but lately...not so much. This person's blog has become nothing but a bunch of whining. And the thing is... the stuff the author is whining about isn't that big of a deal.

She has beautiful children. From her admission, she has a loving husband who works hard so she can stay home with said beautiful children, in a large, lovely home with a beautiful yard. She has wonderful friends who bring soup when her or her children are sick.

There is no cancer here. No lost job with a looming foreclosure. No infertility or loss of limb or earthquake or flooding. What there is on that blog is a lot of this:
-"It's so freaking hot! I cannot stand it. We have to stay inside in the air-conditioning all day." (Well, it is summer right now. Thank the Lord you have air-conditioning.)
-"I am nauseous ALL day! And I hate my husband. Him trying to be nice to me makes me hate him more." (You are pregnant, presumably with another gorgeous child. Pregnancy makes people irritable. Deal.)
- "My son is being so naughty lately. He has taken to throwing his toys at the flat screen." (Take his toys away, maybe? Or how about some good old-fashioned discipline?)

These are made-up quotes, of course. I know the blog world is a small one, and this woman has one of the most-read "mommy" blogs on the internet. She seems to have everything going for her, by her own admission. And I know life isn't perfect, and all of us need to vent sometimes. But if she doesn't knock off the whining spree, she is going to lose a big chunk of her readers.

Starting with me.

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