Monday, November 23, 2009

What is the Point?

Sometimes, I really want an intercom system on my car. You know, one of those things that will broadcast your voice over a loudspeaker attached to the outside of your car?

The other day, this is what I would have broadcast on the freeway: "Excuse me? Mr. Porsche? What is the point of having that vehicle if you dont know how to drive it? I mean, come on. At least go the speed limit. Or have the courtesy to get out of the fast lane."

As I passed him on the right, I saw that it was some old dude driving. Wearing a leather jacket, no less. Um, mid-life crisis, anyone? That guy owning that car is the equivilant of those odd couples you see in Vegas, where the man is eighty-three and the chick is maybe twenty-five. Sure you got it, sir... but what the heck is the point if you can't DO anything with it?

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