Friday, April 16, 2010

This Weekend: San Francisco

When tax time rolls around, it is always good to remind myself why in the hell I live in California, the land of the $18 hamburger and 10% sales tax. So, Hot Husband and I are off to San Francisco. (Do you see the reasoning? Yes, we have to pay RA-HEE-LEE high income taxes, but we also have access to that fab city.)

Staying at a five-star hotel, too. (Yes, I just gloated a tad.) BUT, we got a really good deal. Apparently, about a month ago, the people who run Travelocity got together and smoked a bowl and then set the prices for hotels in SF this weekend. So, five-star hotel, with money left over for a nice dinner and a fun show. If you are at the late showing of Beach Blanket Babylon, I will be the one giggling a bit too loudly. Because I get sloshed after a drink and a half, and there is a two-drink minimum.


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