Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Frugal or Crazy?

In this whole "will-we, wont-we" baby discussion phase that Hot Husband and I are currently in, I have made a list of items that I would like if we have a kid. Every one of these items has been thoroughly researched, and I am confident in the choices I have made. So, when I saw one of these items on Craigslist, and when I saw that it was brand new, and half-price... I bought it.

Now, in addition to the "maybe baby" discussion, we have added a "crazy versus smart-planning" debate. HH is convinced I'm a nut, but I think there is very little wrong with buying something, (at half price!) that you most likely will need someday. In response, HH likes to remind me of that one time when I bought a kitchen sink off Craigslist because I was excited about us talking about maybe building a house.

He might have a point there, but I still think that the baby purchase was a good one. However, since I am such a good, submissive wife, (HA!) I have agreed to not purchase any more items for nonexistent babies. Which is a lot harder than it sounds, cause I just found a killer deal on an Ergo carrier online...

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  1. You sound like me!! Get the deals while they're hot!! You'll thank yourself later :)

    I just answered one of your questions on my blog: http://marblesrolling.blogspot.com/2010/08/question-2-baby-related-books.html

    Stay tuned for my "must have" list!